HDMI kaablid

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HDMI kaablid
High Speed HDMI™ cable with Ethernet

- with 2 ferrites
- 3D support with a resolution up to 1080p
- HDCP conform
- supports more color spaces as DSC and sYCC601
- 4 times higher resolutions as 1080p (max. 4096x2160 bei 60Hz)
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
31907 *HDMI kaabel 1,5m must GOOBAYtk3.000 3.60
31909 *HDMI kaabel 3m must GOOBAYtk3.750 4.50
31910 *HDMI kaabel 5m GOOBAYtk5.833 7.00
31911/24911 *HDMI kaabel 10m GOOBAYtk15.000 18.00
31912 *HDMI kaabel 15m GOOBAYtk29.167 35.00