Premium HDMI kaablid

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Premium HDMI kaablid
Premium High Speed HDMI™ cable with Ethernet

The label ‘HDMI™ Premium Certified Cable’ from HDMI Licensing LLC acts as both a warranty and a guide. It guarantees that the cable is 4K/Ultra HD-capable. Premium HDMI cables are also EMC-shielded and possess important features in terms of color depth (BT.2020) and contrast (HDR). The label includes a product-specific QR code, which exposes counterfeits.

- supports 4K@60Hz and 3D with 4K-resolution
- HDCP 2.2 conform
- supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Audio Return Channel (ARC)
- gold-plated contact surfaces for optimum signal transmission
- 21:9-CinemaScope-aspect ratio
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
72317 HDMI kaabel 1,5m must PREMIUM GOOBAYtk6.833 8.20
72319 HDMI kaabel 3m must PREMIUM GOOBAYtk8.500 10.20
72320 HDMI kaabel 5m must PREMIUM GOOBAYtk15.000 18.00
72321 *HDMI kaabel 6m must PREMIUM GOOBAYtk23.333 28.00