Masterline ES

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Masterline ES

Energy saving, low voltage halogen reflector lamp of the MASTER collection, with dichroic reflector and infrared coated single-ended burner. Most energy-efficient dichroic lamp on the market.

Product Features

  • Unique Philips patented infrared-coated single-ended burner with 40% higher efficiency than standard products
  • Heat-reflecting coating on the inner lamp burner reflects waste heat back to the filament so less energy is needed to operate the lamp
  • Revolutionary compact and precision-shaped single-ended burner enables the infrared reflecting coating to perform to its maximum potential
  • Bright, sparkling white halogen light
  • Excellent colour rendering
  • Extreme long average rated life
  • GU5.3 base for extra retention in luminaire
  • Complex reflector design for excellent beam performance
  • Range of energy saving wattages designed to replace the higher standard wattages 
  • Lowest possible energy and maintenance costs while maintaining light levels.
  • Lowest possible heat production
  • Designed to replace standard and high end dichroic reflector lamps leading to savings in energy costs of up to 40% compared to standard dichroics
  • Increased comfort and lower cooling costs because of up to 40% lower heat transmission
  • Up to 66% more lifetime compared to standard conventional halogen dichroics (5000 hours)
  • Lowest UV output for a dichroic lamp reduces fading risks to absolute minimum


Accent and general lighting applications in homes, shops, hotels and restaurants, where energy efficiency and low maintenance are important and especially in art galleries, museums and exhibitions. Can be used in luminaires without front glass in accordance with IEC 598

codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
424471 71 *Masterline ES halog.lamp 45W GU5,3 12V 60° 5000h Philipstk5.0003.250 -35%3.90