MAS LedBulb DT A67 Dim

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MAS LedBulb DT A67 Dim
Product family information 
The MASTER LEDbulb range delivers a dimmable glow effect for a welcoming, warm atmosphere, making it ideal for general lighting applications in the hospitality industry. Its unique design radiates warm light in all directions, making it a true alternative to the incandescent lamp. They are particularly suitable for public areas such as lobbies, corridors, stairwells, where the light is always on.Compatible with existing fixtures with an E27 holder and designed for retrofit replacement of incandescent bulbs, MASTER LEDbulb delivers huge energy savings and minimizes maintenance cost without any compromise on light quality.They can be used together with most leading-edge dimmers, enabling further efficiencies while helping to create the desired atmosphere. 

Dimmable, Compatible with an extensive range of dimmers. Warm white light. Lifetime 25,000hours. UV- and IR-free light

Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés Lobbies, corridors, stairwells, reception areas.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
8718696555514 *MAS LEDbulb DT 11-75W E27 827 A67 FR 1055lm 25kh dim Philips tk8.0006.000 -25%7.20
8718696826188 MAS LED bulb DT 12-75W A67 E27 927-922 FR 1075lm 25kh dim Philipstk8.0006.000 -25%7.20
8718696826201 *MAS LED bulb DT 15.5-100W A67 E27 927-922 FR 1521lm 25kh dim Philipstk10.0007.500 -25%9.00
8718699695644 MAS LED bulb DT 14-100W A67 E27 927-922 FR 1521lm 25kh dim Philipstk10.5007.875 -25%9.45