Master LEDspot MV

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Master LEDspot MV
Master LEDspot MV Master LEDspot MV Master LEDspot MV Master LEDspot MV
Delivering a warm, halogen-like accent beam, MASTER LEDspot MV is a perfect fit for spot lighting (track, corridors, lift lobbies, display cases and cabinets) in the hospitality industry. It is particularly suitable to public areas where the light is on 24/7, such as lobbies, corridors, stairwells. MASTER LEDspot MV delivers huge energy savings and minimizes maintenance cost without any compromise on brightness, enabling hospitality owners to achieve a return on their investment within one year. These LEDspots are compatible with most existing fixtures with a GU10 holder and designed as a retrofit replacement for halogen or incandescent spots. The dimmable versions drive further efficiencies, while helping to create the desired atmosphere.
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8718291735380 *MAS LEDspotMV VLE D 4.5-35W GU10 827 36D 780cd 305lm 25kh dim Philipstk5.5002.750 -50%3.30
8718291771937 *MAS LEDspotMV VLE D 5.3-50W GU10 830 36D 950cd 355lm 25kh dim Philipstk6.5003.250 -50%3.90
8718696457030 *MAS LEDspotMV VLE D 3.5-35W GU10 827 40D 260lm 600cd 25kh dim Philipstk5.5002.750 -50%3.30
8718696457054 *MAS LEDspotMV VLE D 3.5-35W GU10 830 40D 270lm 600cd 25kh dim Philipstk5.5002.750 -50%3.30
8718696457092 *MAS LEDspotMV VLE D 4.3-50W GU10 827 40D 355lm 800cd 25kh dim Philipstk6.5003.250 -50%3.90
8718696457115 *MAS LEDspotMV VLE D 4.3-50W GU10 830 40D 365lm 800cd 25kh dim Philipstk6.5003.250 -50%3.90
8718696457139 *MAS LEDspotMV VLE D 4.3-50W GU10 840 40D 390lm 800cd 25kh dim Philipstk6.5003.250 -50%3.90