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Product family information
LEDspotLV Classic offers an archetypal halogen-like design while delivering the benefits of LED technology, saving around 85% on energy consumption, minimizing maintenance cost, and much more besides. It is compatible with most existing fixtures with a GU 5.3 holder and is designed as a retrofit replacement for halogen or incandescent spots.

Retrofits into the vast majority of GU5.3-based luminaires. Low heat generation. UV- and IR-free light 

Home: living room, bedroom, hallway Hospitality: restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, museums
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
8718696551141 *CLA LEDspotLV 3W-20W MR16 12V 827 36D 230lm 450cd 15kh Philipstk4.5003.375 -25%4.05
8718696710470 CLA LEDspotLV 3W-20W MR16 12V 827 36D 230lm 450cd 15kh blister Philipstk4.1003.075 -25%3.69
8718696710494 CLA LEDspotLV 5W-35W MR16 12V 827 36D 345lm 650cd 15kh blister Philipstk4.3003.225 -25%3.87
8718696710555 *CLA LEDspotLV 8W-50W MR16 12V 827 36D 621lm 15kh blister Philipstk7.5005.625 -25%6.75
8718696814772 CorePro LED spot ND 7-50W MR16 830 36D 621lm 1400cd 15kh Philipstk7.5005.625 -25%6.75