MAS LED spot VLE Dim MR16

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MAS LED spot VLE Dim MR16
MASTER VALUE LEDspot LV Philips MASTER VALUE MR16 is the series of Low Voltage (12VAC) Halogen MR16 replacements. Not only does it employs Philips' patented solution to guarantee the broadest possible compatibility with standard 12V Halogen electronic transformers. It also delivers beam intensity which is equivalent to the 50W Philips Halogen MR16 lamps. The form-factor of Philips MASTER Value LED MR16 guarantees a 100% form on the backside of the lamp (exact form with Halogen lamps.) 

• Up to 80% energy saving compared with halogen lamp 
• Broad compatibility with transformers 
• Retrofitable with low-voltage MR16 halogen lamps with GU5.3 socket 

• Dimmable range 
• Patented intelligent driver 
• Air movement mechanism (active fan cooling) with very low sound levels 
• Lifetime of 25,000 
• No UV and Cool Beam (no IR), making suitable for illuminating heat-sensitive objects (food, organic materials, paintings etc.) 

• Ideal for accent lighting in hotels, hospitals, shops and museums (e.g. floors, elevators, displays)
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
8718696708231 MAS LEDspotLV VLE D 5.5-35W 827 MR16 36D 1000cd 450lm 25kh dim Philipstk7.8005.850 -25%7.02
8718696708255 MAS LEDspotLV VLE D 5.3-35W 830 MR16 36D 1000cd 460lm 25kh dim Philipstk7.8005.850 -25%7.02
8718696708279 MAS LEDspotLV VLE D 5.3-35W 840 MR16 36D 1100cd 490lm 25kh dim Philipstk8.0006.000 -25%7.20
8718696708316 MAS LEDspotLV VLE D 5.5-35W MR16 830 60D 460lm 500cd 12V 25kh dim Philipstk7.8005.850 -25%7.02
8718696815588 MAS LEDspotLV VLE D 7-50W MR16 840 36D 1650cd 660lm 25kh dim Philipstk11.0008.250 -25%9.90
8718696815625 MAS LED SPOT VLE D 7-50W MR16 830 60D 630lm 25kh dim Philips tk11.0008.250 -25%9.90