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MAS LED ExpertColor AR111

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MAS LED ExpertColor AR111

Superior design with Red Dot award of ''innovative product design''
High intensity of beam equivalent to halogen AR111 50W, 75W, 100W
Better color realization with high CRI value, while colors remain vibrant and natural
High lumen and color maintenance with long lifetime of 25,000 hours to 40,000 hours
Retrofitable with G53 luminaires
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
8718699686949 MAS LED ExpertColor 11-50W 927 AR111 40D 600lm 40kh dim Philipstk21.5016.12 -25%19.35
8718699687007 MAS LED ExpertColor 15-75W 930 AR111 24D 850lm 40kh dim Philipstk25.5019.12 -25%22.95
8718699687045 MAS LED ExpertColor 15-75W 930 AR111 40D 870lm 40kh dim Philipstk25.5019.12 -25%22.95