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Master Value LEDtube T8

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Master Value LEDtube T8
Master Value LEDtube T8 - A high performance LED solution, the professional Master Value LED tube is ideal for replacing T8 fluorescent lamps using EM ballast or installing directly on the
mains. This product provides a uniform lighting effect for use in all general lighting, as well as instant energy efficiency, making for an environmentally friendly solution.

• Low energy consumption
• Lower maintenance - longer lifetime than conventional lamps
• A fast and easy way to upgrade existing luminaires to LED technology, in simple plug and play retrofit solution

• Uniform light effect
• Robust construction
• Fits in well with conventional technology
• Easy installation
• High level energy efficiency

• Office
• Retail
• Industrial Buildings & Warehouses
• Parking
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
8718699646790 MAS LEDtube VLE 600mm HO 8W 830 T8 1000lm 50kh B50L70 Philipstk8.5006.375 -25%7.65
8718699646813 MAS LEDtube VLE 600mm HO 8W 840 T8 1050lm 50kh B50L70 Philipstk8.5006.375 -25%7.65
8718699646974 MAS LEDtube VLE 1200mm UO 16W 830 T8 2300lm 50kh B50L70 Philipstk13.40010.050 -25%12.06
8718699646998 MAS LEDtube VLE 1200mm UO 16W 840 T8 2500lm 50kh B50L70 Philipstk13.40010.050 -25%12.06
8718699647032 MAS LEDtube VLE 1500mm UO 24W 830 T8 3400lm 50kh B50L70 Philipstk16.00012.000 -25%14.40
8718699647056 MAS LEDtube VLE 1500mm UO 24W 840 T8 3700lm 50kh B50L70 Philipstk16.00012.000 -25%14.40