SceneSwitch Led

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SceneSwitch Led
SceneSwitch Led SceneSwitch Led SceneSwitch Led
Product family information 
Some situations call for cool light, others benefit from the ambiance of a warm cozy glow. With Philips SceneSwitch LED lamps, you can have different light settings from just one bulb, candle or spot. And you don’t need a dimmer! Optimize your lighting for relaxing, hobbies, recreation or working. Simply at the flick of a switch. And that’s your existing switch! No extra installation is required.

Multiple light settings in one lamp. Plug and play. Built-in memory chip. Available in bulb, candle and spot versions-

Indoor applications in open luminaires (with an open/free air gap of min. 10 mm). Accent and general lighting (e.g. hotels, shops and offices)
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
8718696588840 LED kolmeastmeline dim. SSW 8W(-5W-2W) 60W A60 E27 WW FR 806lm Philipstk8.5006.375 -25%7.65
8718696598375 LED kolmeastmeline dim. SSW 9,5W-60 2700-4000K A60 E27 FR 806lm Philipstk8.5006.375 -25%7.65
8718696706794 LED kolmeastmeline dim. SSW 14W(-7W-3,5W) 100W A67 E27 WW FR 1521lm Philipstk11.5008.625 -25%10.35
8718696598474 LED kolmeastmeline dim. SSW 5,5W(-4W-2W) 40W B38 E14 WW CL 470lm Philipstk8.5006.375 -25%7.65
8718696598580 *LED kolmeastmeline dim. SSW 4,5W(2,8W-1,3W)-50W GU10 WW 36D Philipstk8.0004.800 -40%5.76
8718696710937 LED kolmeastmeline dim. SSW 5W(3,5W-1,5W)-50W GU10 WW 36D Philipstk8.0006.000 -25%7.20