LEDcapsule MV

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LEDcapsule MV
CorePro LEDcapsule MV

This single-ended mains-voltage capsule for G9-base luminaires delivers directional light, making it a true alternative to halogen capsule lamps. It is particularly suitable for task lighting in shops, hotels and restaurants, and ideal for desk lamps and cabinet lighting. Compatible with existing fixtures with G9 holders and designed for retrofit replacement of halogen capsules, CorePro LEDcapsule delivers huge energy savings and minimizes maintenance costs, without any compromise on light quality.

codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
8718696419205 *CorePro LEDCapsule 2,5W-25 2700K G9 15kh Philipstk5.5004.125 -25%4.95
8718696578698 LED 2,3W-25W G9 WW 230V 215lm 15kh dim blister Philipstk7.5005.625 -25%6.75
8718696726365 *LED 2,8W-35W G9 WW 230V 315lm 15kh blister Philipstk6.0004.500 -25%5.40
8718696734469 LED 1,9W-25W G9 WW 230V 204lm 15kh blister Philipstk5.5004.125 -25%4.95
8718696815267 CorePro LED capsule ND 3.2-40W G9 827 400lm Philipstk6.0004.500 -25%5.40
8718696815281 CorePro LED capsule ND 3.2-40W G9 830 400lm Philipstk6.0004.500 -25%5.40