H11 Night Breaker Unlimited

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H11 Night Breaker Unlimited
The bright halogen light in most standard types NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED headlight lamps offer more performance for the most important lamp types. Up to 110% more brightness, a light beam up to 40 meters longer and 20% whiter light compared to standard halogen lamps – the perfect precondition for safer and fatigue-less driving. Because of their impressive features, NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED lamps ensure improved visibility and can provide significantly better reaction times. The lamps provide more efficiency of light thanks to optimized noble filling gas formula,a higher resistance due to robust filament design, and an eye-catching design with partial blue coating and silver cap (H4/H7/H11/HB4).
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4052899016392 *Autolamp Nightbreaker Unlimited 12V H11 55W 64211NBU Osramtk15.000 18.00