PL-H kompaktlamp

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PL-H kompaktlamp

A single ended MASTER compact fluorescent lamp, which requires a ballast to operate. The lamp consists of 6 parallel narrow fluorescent tubes bridged together with a unique construction

Product Features

  • MASTER product which offers a very high light output and high efficiency
  • Single ended 4-pin base for operation with high-frequency electronic ballast
  • Philips amalgam technology for higher sustained light output over a wide temperature range
  • Universal lamp base with integrated retention system for all wattages (also one ballast for all wattages)
  • Dimming is possible with appropriate ballast

Product Benefits

  • Very high light output PL-L technology for reliable long life and low lumen depreciation
  • High energy efficiency
  • Good colour rendering and choice of light colours
  • Fast, secure installation thanks to push-and-turn 2G8 lamp base/holder
  • Instant white light and hot restrike
  • Compliant with all RoHS and WEEE requirements


Indoor and outdoor general and decorative lighting in professional medium- and high-bay environments such as public buildings, shops and shopping centers, airport departure and arrival areas, railway and bus stations, residential areas and city centres

codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
264039 25 PL-H 120W/830/4Pin kompaktlamp Philips + WEEEtk41.000 49.20
264114 25 PL-H 85W/830/4Pin kompaktlamp Philips + WEEEtk34.333 41.20