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Product Features

  • Lightweight, superior long-life alternative to incandescent lamps
  • The perfect choice for end users that demand the best performance and reliability
  • Average lifetime 15 times longer than an incandescent lamp
  • European energy efficiency labelling class A for the complete range
  • Very good lumen maintenance throughout the lifetime of the lamp
  • Complete range equipped with the unique Philips bridged burner technology (Mercury)
  • Very low mercury content (≤2 mg)
  • Highest energy efficiency resulting in one-fifth the energy consumption of an incandescent lamp for the same light output
  • Smallest dimensions ensuring optimal physical fit
  • Highest reliability throughout life which is especially beneficial where lighting is required for longer periods of time and/or where lamp replacement is difficult
  • The unique bridged burner results in an excellent run-up time with very high initial light output and better thermal performance
  • Green Flagship product as best environmental choice in the CFL portfolio
  • Lifetime independent of switching on-off
  • Lowest total cost of ownership


  • Designed to replace incandescent lamps in most professional and semi- professional applications
  • Mainly indoor (e.g. hotels, restaurants, offices)
  • For outdoor applications (cold ignition) and narrow sleeve lumaires (hot applications) 3 types (15, 20, 23W) will remain available also in Amalgam with the benefit of virtually constant light output (>90%) over the recommended temperature
  • Enclosed fixtures are required for outdoor applications
  • Suitable for emergency lighting with DC supply
  • Not suitable for dimming and electronic devices
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
751423 10 *Säästulamp PLE-T 15W E27 15kh 875lm Philips+weeetk11.6672.333 -80%2.80