TUV T8 desinfektsioonilamp

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TUV T8 desinfektsioonilamp
Product Description
  • Low-pressure mercury vapour discharge lamps with a tubular glass envelope

Product Features
  • Emit short-wave UV radiation with a peak at 253.7 nm (UV-C) for germicidal action
  • Lamp glass filters out the 185 nm ozone-forming line
  • Protective inside coating limits depreciation of useful UV-C output
  • Warning sign on lamp indicates UV-C radiation output

  • Killing or inactivating bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms
  • Air, water and surface disinfection in hospitals, bacteriological research and pharmaceutical environments, and food processing industries such as dairies, breweries and bakeries
  • Disinfection of drinking water, waste water, swimming pools, air conditioning systems, cold storage rooms, packing materials etc.
  • Used in a variety of photochemical processes
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
8711500264138 TUV T8 F17 (18W) G13 UV-C desinfektsioonilamp 604mm Philipstk15.000 18.00
8711500618511 TUV 75W T8 G13 HO UV-C desinfektsioonilamp 1213,6mm Philipstk35.000 42.00
8711500618542 TUV 36W T8 G13 UV-C desinfektsioonilamp 1213,6mm Philipstk30.000 36.00
8711500618665 TUV 55W T8 G13 HO UV-C desinfektsioonilamp 908.8mm Philipstk30.000 36.00
8711500641618 TUV 25W TL-D T8 G13 UV-C desinfektsioonilamp 451,6mm Philipstk19.000 22.80
8711500726179 TUV 15W T8 G13 UV-C desinfektsioonilamp 451.6mm Philipstk14.000 16.80
8711500726209 TUV 30W T8 G13 UV-C desinfektsioonilamp 908,8mm Philipstk19.000 22.80