MASTERColour CDM-T MW eco E40

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MASTERColour CDM-T MW eco E40
Direct retrofit with immediate energy savings for quartz metal halide.

Product family information
Ceramic metal halide lamps with clear tubular or coated ellipsoid outer bulb, tailor-made to replace and outperform quartz metal halide lamps on existing gear.

Direct retrofit for various quartz metal halide lamps, operates on existing control gear (Mercury and HPS)
Lowest total cost of ownership when relamping due to energy savings and long service life as a result of high lumen maintenance

Proven Philips ceramic technology (CDM) offering
High efficacy for energy savings and more initial light
Excellent lumen maintenance resulting in long service life
Excellent color rendering, meeting EN1246-1

Sports lighting, floodlighting of buildings and monuments, area lighting e.g. harbors and building sites, canopy lighting e.g. petrol stations
High-bay lighting e.g. industrial workshops, exhibition halls, hypermarkets, shopping malls, DIY stores, churches, airports and train stations
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
8718696596814 MASTERColour CDM-T MW eco 230W/842 E40 21900lm metallhaliid lamp (HPI-T 250W asendus) Philipstk30.000 36.00
8718696646106 MASTERColour CDM-T MW eco 360W/842 E40 35270lm metallhaliid lamp (HPI-T 400W asendus) Philipstk31.000 37.20