IS 2360-3 ECO liikumisandur 360º

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IS 2360-3 ECO liikumisandur 360º
The multi-talent for indoors and outdoors.

The infrared ceiling sensor that satisfies all demands and is really simple to install. Simply genius: sophisticated technology that is installed and configured in just a few steps thanks to a clever installation concept. Thanks to its three pyro sensors, the infrared surface-mounted sensor has an impressive 360° angle of coverage and a range of up to 12 m. The detection zone can be set to any requirement by fitting shrouds.
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IS2360-3ECOVALGE IR-liikumisandur lakke pinnale 2000W(8xLEDi), IP54,360°,Ø max 24m VALGE STEINELtk50.75848.220 -5%57.86