IS 1 liikumisandur 120°

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IS 1 liikumisandur 120°
IS 1 - Targeted detection and attractive price. Infrared motion detector IS 1, for indoors and out, ideal for targeted coverage of small areas, 120° angle of coverage, reach up to 10 m, selectable time and twilight threshold, sensor turns through 30° and tilts through 180° for exact adjustment of the detection zone.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
IS1MUST IR-liikumisandur 500W,IP54,120°,max 10m MUST STEINELtk18.50017.575 -5%21.09
IS1VAL IR-liikumisandur 500W,IP54,120°,max 10m VALGE STEINELtk18.50017.575 -5%21.09