Pro HF 360 radar liikumisandur 360º

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Pro HF 360 radar liikumisandur 360º
HF 360 -  Doesn't miss a thing. HF-presence detector Presence Control PRO HF 360 COM1 for indoors, ideal for WCs with toilet cubicles, changing rooms, stairwells, multi-storey car parks, kitchens, installation height up to 3.5 m, for switching light 'ON' and 'OFF', 1 – 12 m reach, reach is electronically adjustable and can be limited in two directions, detection regardless of temperature, HF-sensor technology also detects movement through glass, wood and stud walls.
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003029 APBOX Kohalolekuanduri pinnapealne toos KNX mudelitele IP20 STEINELtk13.00012.350 -5%14.82
PROHF360COM1 Kohaloleku andur HF 360 kuni Ø12m. 360° süv. 2000W IP20 VALGE STEINELtk86.36782.048 -5%98.46