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Xitanium 36W/m 0.3-1.05A

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Xitanium 36W/m 0.3-1.05A
Enabling future-proof LED technology 
Xitanium LED drivers are designed to operate LED solutions for general lighting applications. Reliability is enhanced by features that protect the connected LED module, e.g. hot wiring, reduced ripple current and thermal derating. Most drivers feature central DC operation. In the coming years LEDs will continue to increase in efficiency, creating challenges for OEMs. With Xitanium LED drivers, flexibility in luminaire design is assured thanks to an adjustable output current. Application-oriented operating windows offer stable lumen output and light quality levels that specifiers and architects demand. The adjustable output current also enables operation of various LED PCB solutions from different manufacturers. 

Reliability - assured by 5-year guarantee Future-proof flexibility - application-oriented operating windows enable LED generation and complexity management Compatibility - can also be used for other manufacturers' modules or OEM's own PCB designs
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929001415106 Xitanium 36W/m 0.3-1.05A 54V 230V 7,2-36W @1050mA SimpleSet led driver philipstk20.80018.720 -10%22.46