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RETO led profiil 55x8mm

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RETO led profiil 55x8mm
RETO led profiil 55x8mm RETO led profiil 55x8mm
Lumines RETO is a surface profile with the possibility to adjust the lighting angle, using various end caps. To be used in the kitchen and household compartments.

LED strip width: 2 x 10 mm

Color variations: anodized silver, anodized black, anodized inox,
lacquered white (RAL9016)

Mounting: two-sided adhesive tape, mounting screws

COVERS (diffusers):
- BASIC transparent (PMMA/PC), frozen (PMMA/PC),  milky (PMMA/PC), frosted (PMMA), milky frosted (PMMA), lens 15 (PMMA), lens 30 (PMMA)
Mounted from the top, snap-on.

aluminium with or without a hole in 2 color variations (black, silver),
plastic with push-hole in 4 color variations (white, black, inox, silver),
aluminium with support 15°/30°, with or without a hole in silver
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
END-RETO-GRAY RETO profiili otsakaas HALLtk0.500 0.60
PROF-RETO-2M-ANOD Profiil RETO madal ANODEERITUD 2m 55x8mm ilma katteta 12mm ribaletk17.000 20.40
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