G13 twin lampholders

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G13 twin lampholders
G13 twin lampholders
G13 twin lampholders for lamps T8 and T12 
Lamp axis: 25 mm 
Distance between two lamp axes: 76 mm 
T130, nominal rating: 2/500 
Base push-in twin terminals: 0.5–1 mm² (lamp circuit)
Base push-in terminals: 0.5–1 mm² (starter circuit) 
Push-fit foot for wall thickness 0.6–1 mm 
Weight: 21 g,  
Type: 22604/22602 without starter attachment 
Ref. No.: 108816 with stop 
Ref. No.: 100487 without stop 
Type: 22600/22601 with starter attachment 
Ref. No.: 100484 with stop 
Ref. No.: 100486 without stop
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
100484 G13 2-ne lambipesa starteri hoidjaga push typ.22600 VStk1.350 1.62
108816 Push-fit G13 T8 2-ne pesa type-22604 VStk1.667 2.00