T5-G5 built-in

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T5-G5 built-in
T5-G5 built-in
Casing: PBT GF, white, rotor: PBT GF, white 
T140, nominal rating: 2/500 
Push-in twin terminals: 0.5–1 mm² 
Max. permitted temperature Tm on the rear side of the lampholder: 110 °C 
G5 built-in lampholders Rear split pins for wall thickness up to 1.2 mm 
Weight: 2.9/3.3 g 
Type: 09405/09406 and 09415/09416 
Ref. No.: 505733 
Ref. No.: 505734 with spring adjustment 
Ref. No.: 505735 
Ref. No.: 505736 with spring adjustment
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
505733 Valg.pesa G5 nagadega T110 Typ-09406 VStk0.375 0.45
505734 Valg.pesa G5 nagadega T140 vedruklambriga VStk0.417 0.50
505735 Valg.pesa G5 nagadega (vertikaal) T110 Typ-09415 VStk0.500 0.60