E40 termoplast

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E40 termoplast
E40 lampholders 
Casing: PPS, black, 
Oblong holes for screws M5 
Weight: 111.7/112.1 g, unit: 40 pcs. 
Type: 12600/12601 
Ref. No.: 400913 
Ref. No.: 400914 with lamp safety catch 
With steel thread 
Ref. No.: 533428 
Ref. No.: 533429 with lamp safety catch
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
400914 VS E40 lambipesa termoplast T240 18/750 must VStk4.583 5.50
400916 VS E40 lambipesa klambriga T240 18/750 must VStk4.958 5.95