LED Power Driver 24V

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LED Power Driver 24V
Philips Xitanium Constant Voltage Outdoor LED drivers 

SELV operating voltages ensure safety even if wiring or LED boards become damaged
Easy installation with simple parallel wiring
Excellent reliability 

Product features 
Universal mains voltage (100-240 V) generating 24 VDC 
Stable limited output voltage 
Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) 
Short circuit protection 
Lifetime up to 50.000 hours 

Shelf and linear accent lighting in supermarkets, refrigerated cabinets, retail environments, libraries, museums 

These Xitanium Constant Voltage Outdoor LED drivers are the perfect choice for enabling easy modular parallel connection of Philips LED producs (like LDM and InteGrade families) used in refrigerated cabinets and display lighting. The drivers have an operating life matching that of LEDs. They offer excellent reliability and ensure a simplified installation process. Robust design reduces maintenance and lowers the cost of ownership over the application lifetime. With the universal mains voltage (100-240 V) you can install them in practically any location. All types have been tested according IP 54.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
929000653906 LED Power Driver Outdoor 100-240V 80W 24V Philips46.000 55.20
929000654006 LED Power Driver Outdoor 100-240V 20W 24V Philipstk32.000 38.40