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The waterproof (IP67 ranked) Global Leader Power GPV series power supplies are suitable to be used in many even most demanding applications. 

Their key features are small dimensions, lightweight and easy installation from user point of view, but most importantly they meet lighting norms like EN55015 and are TÜV certified to confirm the high quality.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
GPV-100-24 GPV-100-24 LED toiteplokk 24VDC/4,2A IP67 GLPtk25.400 30.48
GPV-100-36 GPV-100-36 LED toiteplokk 36VDC/2,8A IP67 GLPtk26.000 31.20
GPV-150-24 GPV-150-24 LED toiteplokk 24VDC/6,25A IP67 GLPtk39.600 47.52
GPV-200-24 GPV-200-24 LED toiteplokk 24VDC/8,3A IP67 GLPtk54.000 64.80
GPV-20-24 GPV-20-24 LED toiteplokk 24VDC/1A IP67 GLPtk8.800 10.56
GPV-35-24 GPV-35-24 LED toiteplokk 24VDC/1,5A IP67 GLPtk12.800 15.36
GPV-60-24 GPV-60-24 LED toiteplokk 24VDC/2,5A IP67 GLPtk15.400 18.48
LPF-16-42 Toiteplokk 42VDC / 16W 0,39A IP30 Meanwelltk5.000 6.00
LPS-50-5 Toiteplokk lahtine 5VDC / 50W 10A IP20 Meanwelltk5.000 6.00