DALI 4Net kontroller

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DALI 4Net kontroller
This compact 1HP DIN rail module enables the independent control of up to 4 DALI lines, which equals 256 DALI operating devices. Efficient scaling is possible with external DALI bus supplies. Via the DALI4Net connected control devices and control gear can be configured via Ethernet with the DALI Cockpit Software. Using the Modbus TCP interface the DALI 4Net can be accessed for control and visualisation or connected to a building control system. Further functions are: cross line control functions for sensors, real time clock, scheduler.
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22176666-B DALI 4Net Basic kontroller Lunatonetk535.000 642.00
24166012-24H Power supply 24V 300mA toiteplokk DALI 4neti jaoks 1 mood. Lunatonetk26.300 31.56