DALI LS valgusandur

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DALI LS valgusandur
The DALI LS is a compact light sensor with integrated constant lighting control. DALI LS is able to automatically regulate the light level of individual luminaires or lighting groups. Using the dial on the back of the device the preferred light level can be set without any additional configuration in the DALI Cockpit software. The device ensures a constant and efficient room lighting by taking the measured light level and defined light level into account. The module can be used as a control unit for a DALI system or as a measurement tool in combination with central control unit.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
86458674-W16-AP DALI LS valgusandur Constant Light Control pinnapealne Lunatonetk48.000 57.60
86458674-W16-ZD DALI LS valgusandur Constant Light Control ripplakke Lunatonetk50.000 60.00