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• Transformer with ON/OFF function and brightness regulation by touching the sensitive area: - A light touch to turn on and off. - A longer touch to increase or decrease the brightness. - Once the maximum or minimum value has been reached the transformer starts a new regulation cycle. - Each time it is turned on the transformer memory maintains the previously set value before it was turned off. • The power of the sensor can be regulated. • Total safety of touch sensor, in conformity with the relative norms. • IP20 independent transformer, for halogen lamps 12 V. • Class II protection against electric shock following direct or indirect contact. • Supplied with terminal cover and cable retainer. • Opposite input and output terminal blocks (terminal area 2,5 mm2 ). • Special terminal block for connection of touch cable. • Clamping screws on primary and secondary circuits for cables with diameter: min. 3 mm - max. 8 mm. • Cable unsheathing max. 18 mm. • The transformer can be secured with slot for screws. • Protections: - against overheating and short circuits. - against mains voltage spikes. - against overloads.
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WTX105 Elektrooniline trafo puutedimmeriga 105W WTX TCItk28.833 34.60
WTX60 Elektrooniline trafo puutedimmeriga 60W WTX TCItk27.083 32.50