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Product family information 
Essentially smart and reliableHF-Essential II is the most cost-effective solution for reliably operation of a fluorescent lamp. It is also the ideal entry-level product for electromagnetic system users who want to take advantage of the benefits provided by electronic ballasts.The cost-saving and reliable HF-Essential II is energy efficiency class A2, and its robust design meets all relevant international safety and performance standards.HF- Essential II is the ideal choice for a broad range of new construction and retrofit applications within the commercial sector, including general surface mounting and office lighting, parking garages, warehouses and other applications. 

Multi-power technology for precision operation of multiple lamp types of various wattages 
Mono/Dual function: operation with 1 or 2 lamps
Maximum reliability in system operation

Suitable for DC operation and emergency lighting installations Extended lamp life in frequent- switching applications without replacement of lamps, e.g. where occupancy sensors or motion detectors are used with 15 switches per day
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
913713042866 *HF-E 1/2 28-35 TL5 II 220-240 50/60Hz Philips tk10.0009.000 -10%10.80