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ELXd - Dimmable with light sensor, DALI or push-button  

  • dimming range from 1-100%
  • degree of protection: IP20
  • power factor: 0,98 at 100% operation
  • ambient temperature ta: 10 to 50ºC
  • casing temperature tc: max 70°C
  • for use with DALI compatible control units
  • DALI: poles can be changed in any order (protected if connected to mains voltage)
  • low standby power consumption
  • for lighting systems with high switching frequency (> 5/day)
  • PUSH: only one push key for dimming and ON/OFF
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
ELXd136.617 *EL.ballast regul. DALI/Touchdimm T8 36W TC-L 36W 188346 VStk53.89215.000 -72%18.00
ELXd218.616 *EL.ballast regul. DALI/Touchdimm T8 2x18W TC-L 2x18W 188345 VStk59.03315.000 -75%18.00
ELXd236.618 *EL.ballast regul. DALI/Touchdimm T8 2x36W TC-L 2x36W 188347 VStk59.03315.000 -75%18.00