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ELXs - Warm start electronic ballasts:

  • Casing:Heat-resistant polycarbonate
  • Casing temperature tc: 75°C
  • Constant power consumption
  • Fixing bracket for screws M4 for base mounting.
  • Soft start thanks to preheated lamp.
  • Automatic restart once the lamp has been changed.
  • Power factor: ~0.6 (depends on lamp-type)
  • Main voltage AC [V]: 230
  •  Frequency [Hz]: 60
  • Kind of connection: Push-in terminal Version: 37
  • Protection class: class of protection I and II
  • W=21 H=18 L=145mm
  • Max. ambient temperature [°C]: 55
  • Unit: 48 pcs.
  • EN 61347 (Safety) EN 60929 (Performance) EN 61000-3-2 (Mains harmonics) EN 55015 (RFI-suppression) EN 61547 (EMC immunity to interference)
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
ELXs116.900 Elektr. liiteseade kand.T5-13W T8-16W G23-5/7/9/11 GR10q 16W VS 188111tk10.000 12.00
ELXs116.903 Elektr. liiteseade T5-13W T8-16W G23-5/7/9/11 GR10q 16W VS 188215tk10.000 12.00
ELXs121.901 Elektr.liiteseade kand G24-13/18 T5-14/21W VS 188663tk10.000 12.00
ELXs121.904 Elektr.liiteseade G24-13/18 T5-14/21W VS 188216 tk10.000 12.00
ELXs124.902 Elektr.liiteseade T5/24W T8/14W 15W 18W kandiline VStk10.000 12.00
ELXs124.905 Elektr.liiteseade T5/24W T8/14W 15W 18W 188217 VStk10.000 12.00
ELXs126.906 Elektr.liiteseade G24q-3,GX24q-3 26W/2G10,2G11 24W kandiline VS 188667tk10.000 12.00