ELXd 1-10V

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ELXd 1-10V

Technical characteristics:

  • Casing: Metal, white lacquered
  • Casing temperature tc: 70°C
  • Dimming range: 1-100% of lamp power
  • Control voltage: DC 1-10V (EN 60929 with current source 0.5 mA).
  • Power factor: 0.98 at 100% operation.
  • For lighting systems with high switching frequency (> 5/day).
  • For use with open- or closed-loop control units.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
ELXd124.607 *El.Ballast reguleeritav 1-10V T5 1x14W/24W 188336 VStk48.20815.000 -69%18.00
ELXd139.609 *EL.ballast regul.1-10V T5 1x21W/39 TC-L 40W 188338 VStk48.20815.000 -69%18.00
ELXd224.608 *El.ballast reguleeritav 1-10V T5 2x14W/24W 188337 VStk53.61715.000 -72%18.00
ELXd249.614 *EL.ballast reguleeritav 1-10V T5 2x35W/49W 188343 VStk53.61715.000 -72%18.00