RKA 50 3P 6-50mm² riviklemm

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RKA 50 3P 6-50mm² riviklemm
The HORA eTec RKA series of aluminium terminal blocks covers a wide variety of applications. Mechanical engineering, industrial equipment, automation, wind turbines, solar energy or other electrical engineering switchgear – HORA eTec terminal blocks are a highly versatile solution. A multitude of features presents major benefits in connection technology. All HORA eTec aluminium terminal blocks are of course finger-safe on all sides according to DIN EN 50274. 

Terminal blocks compatible with aluminium and copper conductors
Unlike other product families from HORA eTec, the terminal blocks have aluminium bodies. A special coating ensures that the terminals are not only suitable for aluminium conductors, but also copper conductors. HORA eTec terminal blocks have worldwide approval for conductors in either material. An added benefit can be found in the substantially lower weight of HORA eTec terminal blocks due to the aluminium body, compared to more conventional terminal blocks.
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087330-5-3 *RKA 50 3P 3F Riviklemm PRUUN/MUST/HALL 3x6-50mm² Al/Cu HORAtk6.4174.492 -30%5.39