ONE20M3G Koormuslüliti plastkorpuses

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ONE20M3G Koormuslüliti plastkorpuses
The plastic enclosed switch disconnector, is well suited for commersial and residential use. There are 3 color alternatives available, red/yellow, dark grey, and white. Typical applications could be fans, pumps, kitchen appliancies etc. The product withstand water and rain, acc. to class IP67, and is well suited for indoor and outdoor us. The plastic is UV protected. Two cable glands are included in the delivery. The terminals are easily available, thanks to the enclosure design and the removable switch. N and PE terminal included.
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ONE20M3G Koormuslüliti plastkorpuses ONE20M3G 3p 20A 5,5kW IP67 HALL ABB tk12.333 14.80