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OT100 OT100
3-pole, front operated, base mounted, DIN-rail mountable switch-diconnector / non-fusible diconnect switch with front protected clamp terminals, handle and shaft are not included
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
OT100F3 Koormuslüliti OT100F3 3 pol. AC22 500V/100A 690V/100A ABBtk34.550 41.46
OT100F3C Ümberlüliti OT100F3C I-0-II 3pol.,AC22 500V/100A käepidemeta ABBtk91.183 109.42
OT100F4C Ümberlüliti OT100F4C I-0-II 4pol.,AC22 500V/100A käepidemeta ABBtk118.367 142.04