FK55 kilbiventilaatorid

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FK55 kilbiventilaatorid
Cabinet Ventilation, IP54 FK55 Series Fan and Filter 
Enclosure cooling air Filter fan 
Linkwell FK55 series fan and filter are designed for the cooling and ventilation of cabinet enclosures. The filter fans are quick and easy to fix (Either click fixing or screw mounting), to form a seal upto IP54 filter fan. The long life expectancy , quiet operation,ultra-thin louvre filter and low maintenance design makes them almost “fit and forget”. For more harsh condition replacement filter mats are available. With multiple voltages for ac dc axial fans, different air flow volume and dimensions, economic types, Linkwell Electric are China leading manufacturer and exporter of filter fans.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
FK5521.024 Kilbiventilaator+filter 92x92mm 24VDC 35m³ IP55 tk39.233 47.08
FK5521.230 Kilbiventilaator+filter 92x92mm 240VAC 35m³ IP55 tk32.942 39.53
FK5521.300 Filterrest 92x92mm IP55tk9.917 11.90
FK5522.230 Kilbiventilaator+filter 125x125mm 240VAC 67m³ IP55 tk28.983 34.78
FK5522.300 Filterrest 125x125mm IP55tk10.683 12.82
FK5523.230 Kilbiventilaator+filter 177x177mm 240VAC 105m³/h IP55 tk37.683 45.22
FK5523.300 Filterrest 177x177mm IP55tk13.658 16.39
FK5524.230 Kilbiventilaator+filter 230x230mm 240VAC 160m³/h IP55 tk71.850 86.22
FK5525.230 Kilbiventilaator+filter 230x230mm 240VAC 230m³/h IP54 tk99.300 119.16
FK5525.300 Filterrest 230x230mm IP55tk18.017 21.62