AS-212 staircase timer

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AS-212 staircase timer
Purpose - Staircase timer AS-212 serves to keep switched-ON lighting of staircase, corridor, or any other object for the set time and to switch-OFF this lighting automatically, upon elapse of this set time. 
Functioning - Turned ON staircase timer supports the lighting during set time by potentiometer (from 0,5min. to 10min.). After passage of set time timer will switch OFF the lighting automatically. After switching OFF the lighting there is possibility to switch it ON again. 
Attention!  AS-212 is adapted to co-operate with pushbuttons equipped with neon lamp. 

Technical data 
power supply AS-212 230V AC 
current load <16A 
switching OFF delay - to set 0.5÷10min. 
switching ON delay <1s 
terminal 2.5mm² screw terminals 
power consumption 1.2W 
tightening torque 0,4Nm 
working temperature -25÷50°C 
dimensions 1 module (18mm) 
mounting on rail TH-35 mm 
protection level IP20
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
AS-212 Trepikoja taimer 0,5-10min 16A 230V AC 1NO kilpi DIN F&Ftk12.0009.000 -25%10.80