SMR-B timing relay multi-function

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SMR-B timing relay multi-function
 Super-multifunction relay SMR-B 
Advantageous and fast solution for exchanging standard wall-switch for a switch controlled by time or for an impulse relay controlled by a button. 

Multifunction relay designed for installation into a wiring box or under wall-switch in an existing electrical installation. 10 functions. 

4-wire connection. 
Output contact 1x16A / 4000 VA, 250V AC1. Suitable for switching loads greater than SMR-K, SMR-T, SMR-H, for example pulse relay, stair automatic switch, switching of ladder radiators in bathrooms. 
Independent galvanically separated input AC/DC 5-250 V, for example for control from a security system.
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SMR-B Aegrelee multifunkts. SMR_B 4-juhtme süst. 16A AC1 harutoosi ELKO tk25.617 30.74