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DR Series Plastic Case — 15~100W

Isolation Class II 
Universal AC input / Full range 
Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temp. (DR-100) 
No load power consumption: <0.5W (DR-15), <1W (DR-100) 
Built-in constant current limiting circuit 
Cooling by free air convection 
Dimension (WxHxD) DR-15 / DR-30 /DR-60 / DR-100 25x 93x 56mm / 78x 93x 56mm / 78x 93x 56mm / 100x 93x 56mm 
Working temperature: -20~+60C 
Can be installed on DIN rail TS-35 / 7.5 or 15 
DC output voltage adjustable 
LED indicator for power on 
Suitable for building automation and control of household appliance
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
DR 15-12 DR15-12 Stabiliseeritud toiteplokk DIN-latile (1,5mood)230/12VDC-1,25A MeanWelltk20.417 24.50
DR 15-24 DR15-24 Stabiliseeritud toiteplokk DIN-latile (1,5mood)230/24VDC-0,63A MeanWelltk20.417 24.50
DR 30-24 DR30-24 Stabiliseeritud toiteplokk DIN-latile(4,5mood) 230V/24VDC-1,5A MEanWelltk22.383 26.86
DR 45-24 DR45-24 Stabiliseeritud toiteplokk DIN-latile(4,5mood) 230V/24VDC-2A MeanWelltk24.625 29.55
DR 60-24 DR60-24 Stabiliseeritud toiteplokk DIN-latile(4,5mood) 230V/24VDC-2,5A MeanWelltk30.342 36.41
DR 75-24 DR75-24 Stabiliseeritud toiteplokk DIN-latile 230V/24VDC-3,2A MeanWelltk40.308 48.37
DR100-24 DR100-24 Stabiliseeritud toiteplokk DIN-latile(5,5mood) 230V/24VDC-4,2A MeanWelltk44.050 52.86
DR120-24 DR120-24 Stabiliseeritud toiteplokk DIN-latile 230V/24VDC-5A MeanWelltk56.117 67.34