Easy819-AC-RC kontroller

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Easy819-AC-RC kontroller
Control relay, 100-240VAC, 12DI, 6DO relays, display, time, expandable, easyNet 
Part no. EASY819-AC-RC 
Catalog No. 256267 
EL-Nummer (Norway) 0004520973 

Expandable: Digital/analog inputs/outputs and AS-Interface, PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen®, DeviceNet bus systems Bus system easyNet on board customized laser inscription or delivery with user program possible with EASY-COMBINATION-* product (article No. 2010781)
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256267 EASY819-AC-RC 100-240V AC 12digi sisendit 6 relee väljundit LCD+kell laiendatav kontroller Eatontk256.525230.873 -10%277.05