EASY-E4-DC-8TE1 laiendus

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EASY-E4-DC-8TE1 laiendus
I/O expansion, For use with easyE4, 24 V DC, Inputs expansion (number) digital: 4, screw terminal 
Part no. EASY-E4-DC-8TE1 
Catalog No. 197219 
EL-Nummer (Norway) 4500552 

Input/output extension for easyE4 control relay 
Expandable with the easyE4 series of digital input/output expansions with easy-E4-CONNECT1 connector (Item Y7-197225) 
Rated operating voltage 24V DC 
Digital inputs: 4 
Digital outputs: 4 transistor 
Screw terminals
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197219 EASY-E4-DC-8TE1 laiendus 4 digi sisendit, 4 transistor väljundit 24V DC Eatontk69.40862.468 -10%74.96