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Cable sealing system LS 90 
Order number: 9459-01 
EAN: 4013456536234 

For EI 30 - EI 90 fire-protection walls 
For wall entries and feed-throughs 
Without use of fire-protection foam or putty 
Made of intumescent material 
Automatic room separation of the installation opening 
Unlimited building material shelf life 

Installation opening (cavity wall)20 mm 
Installation opening (masonry)20 mm 
For cables5 - 15 mm 
Min. wall thickness100 mm 
ETA approval - ETA-17/0449
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9268-94 Kipsplaadi toos SÜGAV tuulekindel ECON® Flex elektroonika tunneliga 68/75mm KAISERtk11.333 13.60