Poltidega kaabliking

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Poltidega kaabliking

The cable lugs are used for terminating conductors of 1 kV cables. Because of the shear head bolt construction, no crimping tools are needed. The required torque is achieved by tightening the bolt until it breaks off. The lugs are water tight and suitable for solid and stranded, sector shaped and circular conductors.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
LUG 6-50/8LVTIN/SAL1.27 LUG6-50/8 LVTIN/SAL 1.27 Poltkaabliking Al/Cu 6-50/6-35mm² ENSTOtk6.025 7.23
LUG 50-95/10LVTIN/SAL2.27 LUG50-95/10LVTIN/SAL 2.27 Poltkaabliking Al/Cu 50-95mm² ENSTOtk9.133 10.96
LUG 95-185/12LVTIN/SAL3.27 LUG95-185/12LVTIN/SAL 3.27 Poltkaabliking Al/Cu 95-185mm² ENSTOtk12.492 14.99
LUG150-300/16LVTIN/SAL4.27 LUG150-300/16LVTIN/SAL 4.27 Poltkaabliking Al/Cu 150-300mm² ENSTOtk19.475 23.37