HelaDuct Flex

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HelaDuct Flex
HelaDuct Flex
Space-saving wiring system
Highly flexible, can be installed at angles of 90° and higher
Cable clearly open to view
Rapid mounting with screws or adhesive strip with high-quality foam bonding layer
Heladuct flexible cable supports are commonly used in switching cabinets. They are also used in the furniture industry, where cables need to be routed rapidly and attractively.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
HT164-21108 Kaablite korrastaja-hoidja Flex20SK Ø20mm 0,5m teibiga VALGE Hellermanntk4.508 5.41
HT164-31108 Kaablite korrastaja-hoidja Flex30SK Ø30mm 0,5m teibiga VALGE Hellermanntk5.892 7.07
HT164-41108 Kaablite korrastaja-hoidja Flex40SK Ø40mm 0,5m teibiga VALGE Hellermanntk5.917 7.10