FPKu-ES-F-UV installatsioonitoru UV

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FPKu-ES-F-UV installatsioonitoru UV

FPKu-ES-F-UV black is a heavy duty straight length conduit made of modified PVC, in black (RAL 9005),non-flame propagating, UV-stabilised, in lengths of 3 m, with one pre-moulded coupling. 
This straight length plastic conduit is used for exposed installation outdoor and for installation in industrial facilities. 

Advantages are its heavy compressive strength and corrosion resistance against acids and bases.

UV-resistant for up to 10 years.

codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
22610020 UV-kindel toru 20mm must FPKu-ES-F-UV 3mtk2.667 3.20
22610025 UV-kindel toru 25mm must FPKu-ES-F-UV 3mtk3.250 3.90
22610032 UV-kindel toru 32mm must FPKu-ES-F-UV 3mtk3.500 4.20
22610040 UV-kindel toru 40mm must FPKu-ES-F-UV 3mtk4.750 5.70
22610050 UV-kindel toru 50mm must FPKu-ES-F-UV 3mtk6.417 7.70
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