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UNI-T UT132C small digital multimeter with temperature measurement
Safety Rating CAT III 250V 
Certifications GS, CE, EN:61010-1, EN:61326-1 

DC Voltage 200mV/ 2000mV/ 20V/ 200V/ 250V ±(0.5%+2) 
AC Voltage 200V/ 250V ±(1.2%+3) 
DC Current 2000µA/ 20mA/ 200mA/ 10A ± (1%+2) 
Resistance 200Ohm/ 2000Ohm/ 20KOhm/ 200KOhm/ 2000KOhm/ 20MOhm ±(1.2%+3) 
Temperature -40 °C ~ 1000°C ±(1.0%+3) 

Display Count 1999 
Manual Range 
Diode, Transistor, Continuity Buzzer 
Low Battery Indication, Data Hold, Input impedance for DCV Around 10MOhm 

General Characteristic 
Power 9V Battery(6F22) 
LCD Size 49mm x 18mm 
Product Color Red and Grey 
Product Net Weight 200 g 
Product Size 72mm×137mm×35mm
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UT132C UT132C Digitaalne multimeeter UNI-Ttk18.792 22.55