LS 962 katteplaat kõlari puksile

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LS 962 katteplaat kõlari puksile
LS 962 katteplaat kõlari puksile
Centre plate with supporting frame, screw fixing only for 2 loudspeaker sockets up to 18.5 mm Ø or with flange mounting 22.5 mm hole spacing. 

In connection with mounting plate ref.-no. 63 WBT (not included) for loudspeaker terminal ref.-no. LPK 63 RT/SW and RCA socket ref.-no. CIB 63. Second hole can be broken out.
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
LS962 Kate kõlari puksile LS990 ELEV. JUNGtk8.717 10.46
LS962LG Kate kõlari puksile LS990 HELEHALL JUNGtk12.183 14.62
LS962SW Kate kõlari puksile LS990 MUST JUNGtk12.183 14.62
LS962WW Kate kõlari puksile LS990 VAL JUNGtk8.717 10.46
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