LS 1700 puutedimmeri kate

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LS 1700 puutedimmeri kate
Standard centre plate 
for LB Management inserts ''blinds'' ref.-no.: 1730 JE and 1731 JE 
for LB Management inserts ''light'' ref.-no.: 1701 SE, 1704 ESE, 1702 SE, 1710 DE, 1711 DE, 1713 DSTE, 1720 NE, 1723 NE, 1708 IE 

Intended use 
Manual operation of Venetian blinds, shutters, awnings or lighting 
Operation with blinds, switch, dimmer, pulse or satellite insert of the LB Management 

Product characteristics 
Activation of blinds/shutters, with blinds insert 
Switching and dimming of lighting, with switch / dimmer or pulse insert 
Ventilation position of the blind/shutter can be saved, with blinds insert 
Switch-on brightness of lighting can be saved, with dimmer insert and DALI push-button controller
codedescription  unitpriceprice+VAT
LS1561.07SW *Puutedimmeri kate LS990 MUST JUNGtk17.100 20.52
LS1561.07WW *Puutedimmeri kate LS990 VAL JUNGtk13.492 16.19
LS1700LG Puutedimmeri kate standart LS990 HELEHALL JUNGtk27.367 32.84
LS1700SW Puutedimmeri kate standart LS990 MUST JUNGtk27.367 32.84
LS1700WW Puutedimmeri kate standart LS990 VALGE JUNGtk22.800 27.36