LS 1702 2-se puutedimmeri kate

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LS 1702 2-se puutedimmeri kate
Standard centre plate 2-gang 
for LB Management inserts ''light'' ref.-no.: 1702 SE, 1712 DE, 1713 DSTE, 1723 NE 

Intended use 
Manual operation of lighting 
Operation with 2-channel switch or dimmer insert, DALI push-button controller or satellite insert 3-wire of the LB Management 

Product characteristics 
Switching, dimming and colour temperature setting of lighting, with switch or dimmer insert 
Full control of switch and dimmer inserts, with satellite insert 3-wire 
Switch-on brightness of lighting can be saved, with dimmer insert and DALI push-button controller 
Colour temperature can be saved, with DALI push-button controller
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LS1702SW 2-ne puutedimmeri kate LS990 MUST JUNGtk35.317 42.38